ABOUT SCANTECH                        

SCANTECH HOLDINGS (SCANTECH) was established in 2001 as a technology holding company with a mission to develop and commercialize Advanced Electron Beam Accelerator and X-Ray technologies for use in Homeland Security type applications and other industrial irradiation solutions. At the time, various scientists were conducting E-Beam and X-Ray research and development in different parts of the world. SCANTECH identified an opportunity to consolidate these technological efforts, and began to purchase the most advanced technologies and hire the associated teams of physicists, scientists and engineers. Today, the cumulative investments that are the foundation of SCANTECH's proprietary and patented E-Beam and X-Ray technologies are the result of over a decade of extensive research, development, and hands-on application expertise by some of the greatest technical minds in the world.

To facilitate the commercialization of this technology, SCANTECH created two subsidiary companies to develop and integrate the Advanced Electron Beam and X-Ray technologies into system solutions for industrial and security related applications.  IDENTIFICATION BEAM SYSTEMS (IBS) is responsible for the Inspection Systems product line, while SCANTECH SCIENCES (STS) focuses on Irradiation Systems. 

IBS and STS have created and applied new and innovative application solutions that include:
  • Checkpoint Baggage Scanning with material discrimination
  • Large Scale Cargo Inspection Systems with material discrimination
  • Vehicle Inspection Systems with material discrimination
  • Food Pasteurization & Disinfection
  • Medical Device Sterilization
  • Medical Waste Remediation
  • Material Cross-Linking
  • Paint Curing
  • Other Biological and Material applications.
For a more detailed look at SCANTECH's technologies and custom system solutions, click on the IBS and STS links at the top of the website.