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Our security is threatened every day by terrorists, smugglers and other individuals with weapons, bombs and drugs.  Identification Beam Systems, LLC is dedicated to fighting these extremists and their dangerous contraband by designing and building affordable, non-intrusive detection systems.  We bring the technology, products and support necessary for the safety and the security of a country’s resources.

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While current technology and manual checkpoint inspections provide varying degrees of protection for our air ports and federal buildings, it’s generally agreed that systems we have in place today are still vulnerable.  And the limitations of most security checkpoint systems have caused new levels of restrictions to be applied to the most basic items people typically carry – including beverages, cosmetics and toiletries.

IDENTIFICATION BEAM SYSTEMS (IBS) offers a new, state-of-the-art solution in its SENTINEL™ IIa checkpoint baggage system. This compact checkpoint and baggage inspection unit is quickly installed and easily maintained; it’s ideal for protecting targets such as airports and federal buildings from terrorist threats.

SENTINEL™ IIa is a multi-plane, dual energy X-ray security inspection system.  Using four X-ray sources that peak at different energies, SENTINEL™ IIa provides four independent images in separate planes – to generate a 3-dimensional map of the density and effective atomic numbers (Zeff) of the scanned target contents.  The result is highly reliable detection that not only differentiates between threatening and non-threatening materials, but specifically identifies the items as benign – such as face cream, or dangerous – such as explosives, drugs and hazardous materials.

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Images of actual data with color enhancement (right), side view of target in upper part of display window and top view located
in the lower section of the image display window

The SENTINEL™ IIa technology is capable of determining the shapes of items inside a carry-on suitcase, briefcase or package, and also what those items are made of.  The screener will be able to tell whether the substance is hazardous material or a harmless personal hygiene product, a bar of soap or plastic explosives.  In fact, the system is so precise, it can tell the difference between soda, ice tea, water and nitroglycerine.

The scalable multi-plane, dual-energy X-ray SENTINEL™ IIa system employs two perpendicular dual energy X-ray sources that enable the screener to automatically differentiate among metallic, nonmetallic and organic substance to aid in discriminating threats.

In addition to standard images manipulation capabilities, such as zoom, gamma, sliding window and inverse images, SENTINEL™ IIa; provides operators with Screener Assist Technology Identification (SAT) and Automated Threat Identification (ATI) images analysis tools. SAT examines the image of each inspection target and highlights suspicious sections based on the analysis of the physical properties of the target’s contents. ATI then identifies the material that SAT has highlighted by comparing the Zeff number and mass density against the values of known materials.

SENTINEL™ IIa provides one of the most non-intrusive, advanced technology carry-on and checkpoint screening systems available in the market today.  SENTINEL™ IIa meets or exceeds all testing specifications for Advanced Technology Screening System Public Announcement ASTM F792-01


With the technology and its ability to identify the atomic makeup of items within packages, water bottles, cosmetics and other toiletries that now fall under the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’S) tight 3-1-1 edict (no more than 3 ounces per bottle in a 1-quart clear plastic bag and only one bag per passenger) benign items might once again be carried onboard flights without restriction.     

SENTINEL™ IIa incorporates unique technological advances including a proprietary sensor, two planes of merged dual-energy/ spectra data and detection algorithms that use an ingenious technique to remove background clutter from an object or volume of interest.  Combined with the relatively accurate determination of Zeff and density, SENTINEL™ IIa can effectively discriminate metals, explosives, radioactive materials and illegal drugs from common organic and inorganic substances for improved probability of detection and reduced false alarms.

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SENTINEL™ IIa features:

   arrow Color- coded identification of organics and metals for trouble-free references
   arrow Automatic threat detection that reduces operator error
   arrow Zeff and mass density calculations
   arrow Function keys for images enhancement
   arrow Shield alarms
   arrow Four levels of access security
   arrow Reporting capabilities for easy review
   arrow Image archiving for history tracing
   arrow Event/ data logging capabilities
   arrow Network connectivity