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Full-Scale Mobile Inspection Capabilities

IBS is designing its ALL SECURE™ unit to provide full-scale inspection capabilities comparable to those of its INSPECTOR™ in a mobile system. ALL SECURE™ systems will combine inspection, detection, and monitoring technologies into a self-contained mobile inspection system that can be mounted on trucks or a barge. ALL SECURE™ will provide effective, non-intrusive inspection of vehicles, ISO containers and palletized cargo and afford greater penetration ability and effectiveness than other cargo inspection systems currently available. Its 5-9 MeV high-energy X-ray source will incorporate dual energy technology with a highly effective data processing capability that will allow the system to detect concentrations of contraband and suspicious materials. Capable of penetrating more than 340 mm (14 inches) of steel, ALL SECURE™ will process a fully loaded container or vehicle in two minutes or less.

ALL SECURE™ systems will be built for rapid deployment and quick setup. Built on two truck platforms, these systems will be completely self-contained. One platform will contain the X-ray source emitting photons that pass through the target where they are absorbed by sensors mounted on the other platform. All internal controls, electronics, cabinets will be secured to withstand normal highway speeds.

All areas will be heated and/or air conditioned to provide a suitable environment for both personnel and equipment. ALL SECURE™ will be deployable at heavily trafficked crossing points and ports or a remote locations where permanent installations are not available or practical.
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Operating on local commercial power or from its own generator source, ALL SECURE™ will meet all international radiation safety criteria and is safe for the operator, target and environment.

ALL SECURE™ will have the capability to scan a vehicle or cargo container to:

   arrow Detect, locate and identify weapons and other contraband by shape as interpreted by theoperator/analyst.
   arrow Detect and locate explosives, drugs and other forms of contraband as guided by the ALL SECURE's software.
   arrow Verify contents of a cargo container to ensure compliance with the manifest, customs requirements and safety regulations.

ALL SECURE™ Specifications: systems will come equipped with power, heat and air conditioning, lighting, communications systems and appropriate operator controls.

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ALL SECURE™ specifications

Maximum X-Ray energy:
X-ray orientation:
Maximum penetration:
Detector Channels:
Power source:
Operating environment:
Storage capacity:
Image processing functions:
5 - 9 MeV in each projection
Horizontal and vertical

More than 340 mm of steel
Better than 5 mm
1,024 in each projection
Local commercial power with back-up generator option
Temperatures between 5° and 50° C, humidity 10 - 95 % non condensing
Full archiving and unlimited images for later retrieval/analysis
• Zoom
• Material differentiation (organic/inorganic)
• Gamma correction for thickness
• Sliding density window
• Edge enhancement