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        Securing Borders

Security experts and political authorities have publicly acknowledged the national vulnerability to terrorist and criminal activities through seaports and across international borders.

“The system is vulnerable,” says Robert Bonner, US Commissioner of Customs. “I mean the movement and the potential for concealing a terrorist weapon inside a cargo container.” Only two percent of the 6 million cargo containers entering the US each year are inspected. The international use of ISO 20- and 40-foot cargo containers offers terrorists and criminals clear opportunities to hide and transport large volumes of contraband, including the potential for the smuggling of weapons, explosives, drugs and other contraband.

cargo scanning

The size and density of loaded containers, plus the massive daily volume of international container traffic, make the solution of the problem both a technical and economic challenge. It is impossible and ineffective to manually inspect the containers in transit. Thus, the only solution is an effective and efficient technique for non-intrusive inspection of the containers.

The non-intrusive inspection has several criteria, technical and economic, which must be met if this security vulnerability is to be resolved.

The basic technical criteria include:

   arrow Complete penetration of a fully loaded container,
   arrow Good resolution of the container contents,
   arrow Good image quality of container contents,
   arrow Ability to automate the inspection process,
   arrow Safety of the process.
The economic criteria include:

   arrow System acquisition costs
   arrow System operating costs
   arrow System throughput.

IBS has developed two advanced technology X-ray inspection systems to that fulfill all of these requirements of international customs and security agencies:

   arrow INSPECTOR™
will be a fixed site inspection system that will be able to search the interior of an unopened van or cargo container very rapidly. By using its sophisticated dual-beam, dual-energy configuration and proprietary data processing capability, the INSPECTOR™ system will point out locations where explosives, illegal drugs, and/or other contraband are hidden. In addition, INSPECTOR™ will be able to assist in checking the contents of a container or vehicle against its manifest, providing the using nation significantly greater customs revenues and diminished smuggling.

   arrow ALL SECURE™
will be a state-of-the-art non-intrusive mobile X-ray inspection system that inspects 20- and 40-foot seagoing containers and trucks as well as cargo pallets, automobiles, and vans. ALL SECURE™ will possess the technology and many of the capabilities of the INSPECTOR™ system but will be fully mobile and capable of operating on any level surface of 450 square meters or more, thus permitting inspections within a seaport, at border crossing points or intermediate security control points. The ALL SECURE™ system will be a mobile system capable of inspecting fully loaded shipping containers. ALL SECURE™ system will employ 5-9 MeV x-ray beam energy for complete penetration of fully loaded cargo containers and thus truly effective security inspection. Additionally, ALL SECURE™ will employ dual energy technology that allows differentiation of organic and inorganic materials within the inspected container.