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IBS - IDENTIFICATION BEAM SYSTEMS                       

IDENTIFICATION BEAM SYSTEMS (IBS) is the 'Inspection Systems' subsidiary company of SCANTECH HOLDINGS (SCANTECH).

Around the world, national and individual security is threatened every day by terrorists, smugglers, and other groups or individuals with weapons, explosives, nuclear and radioactive materials, illegal drugs, and other forms of harmful substances. IBS is dedicated and committed to design, develop and build affordable, non-intrusive inspection systems utilizing state-of-the-art E-Beam and X-Ray technologies that significantly assist in locating and identifying threatening materials and substances at the world's airports, seaports, borders, embassies, and other facilities and buildings.

Primarily focused on Homeland Security applications, IBS has commercially developed several state-of-the-art Advanced Multi-Energy Inspection Systems. From a suitcase, briefcase or package to a large 40-foot ISO shipping/transport container or semi tractor-trailer rig, IBS has a non-intrusive Inspection System solution to meet our customer's needs.

IBS Advanced Multi-Energy Inspection technology with proprietary QUADRAD™ Multi-Energy Material Discrimination is the most advanced inspection technology of its type in the world. Using multi-energy X-Ray physics with variable energy propagation from multiple X-Ray sources, IBS inspection systems automatically detect, identify, locate and differentiate the materials hidden inside a scanned target.

This exclusive IBS Material Discrimination process compares each items' shape, size, density and effective atomic number. Data is processed real-time utilizing proprietary algorithms with the results displayed as a three-dimensional (3-D) map on the operator's graphical user interface (GUI). Threatening and non-threatening items and materials are clearly identified, color-coded and annunciated on the GUI. In addition, the operator can manipulate the images in 3-D to assist in pinpointing the location of any threatening item.

IBS Advanced Multi-Energy Inspection Systems can detect nuclear and radioactive materials, drugs, weapons, explosives, and other forms of contraband. In addition, our Material Discrimination subsystem can even tell the difference between a bottle of water, soda, tea, or explosive liquids such as alcohol or nitroglycerine. Whether the scanned target is cardboard or up to 14 inches of steel, IBS has inspection systems that can penetrate the container, identify, locate and discriminate the materials held inside.

The IBS Advanced Multi-Energy Inspection Systems product line includes the following commercially available products:

SENTINEL™ - a compact state-of-the-art 'Advanced Checkpoint Baggage Inspection System' that is ideal for protecting airports, embassies, federal buildings, financial centers, data centers, corporate headquarters and other critical buildings or infrastructure from threatening materials and substances. Incorporating the IBS Material Discrimination technology with 3-D imaging and Automated Threat Identification, the SENTINEL™ inspection system can determine the size, shape and location of items inside a suitcase, briefcase or package, and reveal if these items contain threatening materials or substances. The SENTINEL™ is easy to install, operate and maintain, and comes in two configurations: 1) Carry-on baggage and small packages; 2) Checked luggage and large packages.

INSPECTOR™ - a 'fixed site' world-class 'Advanced Multi-Energy Cargo & Vehicle Inspection System' designed for seaports, border crossings and other facilities such as power plants, nuclear facilities, water treatment plants, refineries, chemical facilities, distribution terminals, air cargo, etc. where large containers or semi tractor-trailer rigs need to be cleared and verified. INSPECTOR™ is ideal for checking the contents of an ISO container or vehicle against its manifest. Incorporating the IBS Material Discrimination technology with 3-D imaging and Automated Threat Identification, the INSPECTOR™ Advanced Multi-Energy Inspection System can determine the size, shape and location of the contents inside a 40-foot steel transport/shipping container, and reveal if these items contain threatening materials or substances. In addition, the system pinpoints in 3-D the exact location inside the container of any item that is cause for concern.

ALL SECURE™ - a 'transportable' Advanced Multi-Energy Inspection System that is similar to the INSPECTOR™ unit. Typically, the ALL SECURE™ will utilize only one multi-energy X-Ray subsystem and have reduced Material Discrimination capabilities compared to the INSPECTOR™ Inspection System.

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