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SCANTECH INSPECTOR system for inspection of 20- and 40-foot ISO containers will meld the advantages of high-energy X-ray systems with the ability to specifically differentiate organic from inorganic materials within the contents of each container. The INSPECTOR™ radiation subsystem will consist of two perpendicularly configured, dual spectra 5-9 MeV X-ray sources that provide penetration equivalent greater than 340 mm of steel. Configured like an oversized car wash, the INSPECTOR™ building is being designed to optimize the beam geometry of the X-ray irradiation system and will require 13 meters (40 feet) separation between the X-ray source and detectors in one or two dimensions.

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Containers, pallets and vehicles will be carried through the inspection chamber at a uniform speed by a permanently installed transport system. Radiation protection will be provided by lead plates in the immediate irradiation zone and concrete walls in all other portions of the inspection chamber. Melding a proprietary shielding design, controlled beam, reduced power and high sensitivity detectors, the INSPECTOR™ system will create a minimal radiation signature with a resulting safe inspection and working environment that is consistent with international safety standards.

INSPECTOR™ will possess a unique data processing capability that is applied simultaneously with X-ray examination of cargo containers to determine if contraband or other substances with physical properties within a range selected by the user are present and will alert the operator to check clearly defined portions of the inspection target for their presence.

INSPECTOR specification

Maximum X-Ray energy:
X-ray orientation:
Maximum penetration:
Detector Channels:
Power source:
Operating environment:
Storage capacity:
Image processing functions:
5 - 9 MeV in each projection
Horizontal and vertical

More than 340 mm of steel
Better than 5 mm
1,024 in each projection
Local commercial power with back-up generator option
Temperatures between 5° and 50° C, humidity 10- 95 % non condensing
Full archiving and unlimited images for later retrieval/analysis
• Zoom
• Material differentiation (organic/inorganic)
• Gamma correction for thickness
• Sliding density window
• Edge enhancement